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🎁 Bonus Post: Build a MySpace page with Notion?

✨Bonus Post ✨ I've finally figured out how to upload video on Substack 😅. Watch the trailer for my brand new Notion Course where you'll build your own profile page

See what 68+ students are building →


Learn to ‘think in Notion’ with other students on the #MyNotionSpace course (newly launched - only 4 days left to grab your early bird discount)

Instead of watching endless productivity videos (yawn) - unlock Notion’s power as a POSSIBILITY TOOL, not just a productivity tool, by building something fun

Your final project is a throwback to the 2000s - a ‘custom profile page’, that you could go viral with on TikTok or use as a portfolio to win your dream job

✧ Build it now ✧

You might even already know how to use Notion and are just looking for something cool to build over the winter break 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • 🐣 New/Novice Notion Users will learn how unlock the power of Notion & think through it.

  • 🪄 Notion Wizards will learn how to think creatively with Notion by applying the magic of design thinking

  • ❤️ Everyone will trick themselves into Notion euphoria by tapping into their inner 2000s and building a "MySpace" style profile page, which you could deffo repurpose and share as a portfolio/personal site - (or not, lol)

  • 💨 Catch the early bird discount which runs out in 4 days

  • 🎁 Unlock 10 hours of bonus workshops if you finish & share by Jan 14th (something to dig into this holiday season)

Grab a BIG discount, 4 days left! →

See you next week for a next proper roundup of The Notion Zeitgeist - excited to have some of you already in the course 🤓

Bye for now!

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Best Energy,

Frances Odera Matthews

Founder of The Notion Bar & Certified Notion Consultant (✨Artiste✨)

✨ the notion zeitgeist ✨
✨ the notion zeitgeist ✨
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